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Besides being emotionally fucked, why not add physical pain to the mix? ..Too much fucking pain to handle.

I hate scoliosis so damned much


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Sometimes I forget that most people don’t have deformed spines and they can actually walk long distances and stuff without pain

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Not posting a never forget picture
I am sorry that so many innocents were killed in 9/11 but everyday innocents in our own country are killed by the people who swore to protect us.
I will never forget 9/11 but I’ll also never forget how children are being killed in the streets and at school
I’ll never forget those with disorders being treated with brutality. I’ll never forget seeing someone sworn to protect shoot another in cold blood. I’ll never forget any of it

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dont listen to lame people. you do You, and do w.e you want anything else is bullshit

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heyy No one is lame yo but thanks, that means more than you know<3 You do you, too, oh wise one ^.^

thats not a fuck up. it was a choice that u made. if u didnt know what u wanted then y were u in the relationship

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Because I did know that I wanted him. And I wanted the passion with him, and we had that. A lot of it, and somehow at the time I stopped knowing how to handle so much at once. So instead of trying, I ran. I was a coward. I ran to what I thought was security. To someone “comfortable.”

He made me so volatile inside. Stirring up my insides, my head, my feelings, my heart. I couldn’t think straight around him. I never could, and I still can’t. Love does that to you. The person I ran to never caused those feelings in me. Comfortability isn’t love, isn’t even close. It isn’t passionate, it isn’t fiery, it doesn’t make your heart feel like it will burst, it doesn’t make your eyes glow and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much cuz you’re so damned happy. Comfort just calms all that down.

But it turns out I didn’t want it calmed down, even though at first I thought I did. By the time I truly realized that he was my security, my passion and my comfort, it was too late. I had screwed up too much. Made too many wrong decisions concerning All the people in my life, not just him. Honestly? I still hate myself for it, every single day. I still want to die because of it. 

sorry for like writing a novel to answer that man. And I mean really, would you rather have me dead ? cuz just put in a word yo.. like I said before- I can arrange that. 


I’m going to thank every single one of you personally who reblogs this. This is important.

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" The saddest kind of sad is the sad that tries not to be sad. You know, when sad tries to bite its lip and not cry, and smile and say, “No I’m happy for you”? Thats when it’s really sad… "

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